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McClelland Barclay Art Deco Necklace rare

RESERVED Art Deco necklace by McClelland Barclay, signed, excellent condition. Pendant measures 8cm by 5cm wide. Rare. McClelland Barclay was a celebrated illustrator who designed movie poster artworks for Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox during the late 1930s and early 1940s. He painted Betty Grable and his General Motors Corporation advertisements became known as The Gibson Girl and The Christy Girl. During the late 1930s, Barclay established a company to create jewellery and figures for desk sets, lamps, bookends and ashtrays amongst othr items. They were constructed with a thick gold-bronze plating. The company was known as the McClelland Barclay Arts Products Corporation. Designing experimental “dazzle camouflage” for the US Navy combat aircraft, he also created recruiting posters for the Navy. He became a Lt. Commander, serving onboard a ship that was torpedoed in the Solomon Islands in 1943. He was awarded the Purple Heart Medal and other medals posthumously.
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Available to purchase from our UK Shop/Warehouse in Kent.

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