Punk to Pop Photography Exhibition 2021

Blondie in a swimsuit
Debbie Harris
David Bowie on The Trans-Siberian Express


The Rock Stars: Punk to Pop exhibition is showing a rediscovered picture of Debbie Harry.

Seminal rock photographer Leee Black Childers lost his favourite shot of Debbie Harry for 40 years. Sometimes everything comes together to make the perfect photo shoot. One such time was when Bowie photographer Leee Black Childers persuaded his friend Debbie Harry to model a swimsuit for him. The light and the simplicity of the swimsuit were perfect.

Leee rushed off to do another job and put the roll of film away somewhere safe and although he hunted everywhere he couldn’t find it for 40 years until he and Stephen Colegrave, the curator of the exhibition spent time with him at his flat in Brooklyn to help him write his autobiography in 2012. As they shifted through papers under his bed they found the film and had it processed. Unfortunately, Leee died in 2014 before they could exhibit the shot, but earlier this year, Debbie was pleased to be given a copy of the photograph.

As well as being a great rock photographer, Leee Black Childers was also in Andy Warhol’s Factory, became David Bowie’s and later Iggy Pop’s tour manager and brought Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers over to the UK for the infamous Anarchy tour with the Sex Pistols in 1975.

Leee’s signed and limited-edition photos are just part of the collection of photographs, screenprints and books on show and for sale at the exhibition that includes rare images of John Lennon, Sex Pistols, Clash, David Bowie, New York Dolls, Iggy Pop, Ramones and many more. The show is curated by best-selling author Stephen Colegrave as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of his book PUNK, A Life Apart which he co-wrote with Chris Sullivan.

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Debbie Harry was born Angela Trimble in 1945. She was a secretary, waitress and Bunny Girl before co-founding Blondie in 1974. Her acting career has included the cult film Hairspray. Blondie reunited in the 1990s. 


Photographer credits:

Debbie Harry. Photograph by Leee Black Childers

Bowie The Trans-Siberian Express. Photograph by Leee Black Childers

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