Breathtaking Christian Dior Exhibition in Paris

Christian Dior Galerie entrance

The Christian Dior exhibition in Paris is breathtaking. Staged at Le Galerie Dior next door to the original 30 Avenue Montaigne boutique, it tells the story of Monsieur Dior’s journey through all of the remarkable designers until the present day. One visitor commented “it knocks spots off the London exhibition.” The couture gowns are exquisite. […]

Christian Dior Crystal Flower Necklace

Willow modelling a Christian Dior necklace

Vintage Crystal Flower Necklace by Christian Dior Christian Dior was born in Normandy in 1905, the son of a wealthy fertiliser manufacturer. At the age of five, the family relocated to Paris, where Dior set up an art gallery which had been bought by his father. Here, Christian sold paintings by Picasso. However in 1929 […]