Art Deco Tables

Art Deco Tables
A key aspect of Art Deco design was its geometric outlines. Geometric shapes could be combined with curved surfaces and came together in the so-called ‘Streamline Moderne’ style that developed in Europe from the early 1930s. This trend was evident particularly in the design of tables—dining tables, occasional or centre tables for the lounge, and dressing tables for the bedroom. Typical of the period were pedestal supports in veneers to match or complement the table top or – more rare and distinctive – the U-base or ‘Boat’ base, the latter commanding a premium in the market. Dressing tables could be asymmetric, with illuminated mirrors and glass shelves, with the swept around design by Betty Joel, and similar by Gomme, being especially ground breaking. ‘Quintetto’ sets of four coffee tables that nestled under a circular coffee table were a popular accessory in the newly designated ‘Lounge’ (traditionally the ‘Sitting Room’).

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