Art Deco Furniture

Furniture design of the Art Deco period—broadly the period between the World Wars—was characterised by opulence, modernism and a streamlined profile. Already existing British designer/makers such as Heals often combined the new look with Arts and Crafts influences which remained strong this side of the Channel. The simplicity of this very British style was developed effortlessly into the modernist designs of Ambrose Heal, Gordon Russell and Betty Joel. The French Salons focussed more strongly on an opulent ‘Hollywood’ look; their use of traditional veneering techniques, combined with the harnessing of technological advances that facilitated steam bending on a large scale to produce distinctive curvilinear designs, was echoed in the UK in the designs of Hille, Epstein and Gomme—highly skilled immigrant families who embraced the new mode that emerged strongly from the 1925 Paris ‘Art Deco’ exhibition.

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